The most advanced gait analysis system on the planet.

Advanced Gait Analysis

3D Gait is an innovative health solution helping prevent and treat running and walking injuries.

After nine years of research and development, Dr. Reed Ferber and the Running Injury Clinic have developed the world’s first 3D biomechanical gait analysis system for use in a clinical setting: 3D Gait.

3D Gait is built around the world’s largest database of 3-dimensional biomechanical walking and running data.

3D Motion Capture

Most clinics utilize a single camera or perhaps two cameras to perform a 2-dimensional analysis. In this fashion, many aspects of your running mechanics cannot be analyzed accurately as our own research and research from many other labs have shown.

We utilize our state-of-the-art, Vicon camera system to accurately measure your movement patterns in all 3 dimensions (flex/extension, abd/adduction, and rotations) for the ankle, knee, hip, and pelvis.

A Wealth of Data

A patient’s data is collected by 3D Gait, analyzed using our custom-written software, and compared to the ever-growing 3D biomechanical database.

This information helps clinicians determine the root cause of a musculoskeletal injury and prepare a personalized 3D Gait Biomechanical Report.

The collected data is subsequently added into the database to continue the development and improvement of clinical research.

Click here for an overview of 3D GAIT.

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A World of Possibilities

3D Gait has been successfully integrated into clinics and universities around the world.

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